The Student Affairs Committee is comprised of Officers and Representatives. The Chairperson, Graduate Vice-Chairperson, Undergraduate Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer are considered Officers. Representatives are a single Doctoral, Masters, Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and International representative from each respective class. Get to know the current SAC members here!

Current and Recent SAC Activities

Academic Performance Review: SAC represented the SoM student body to the external reviewers during the Academic Performance Review.

Faculty Search: SAC sent a student representative to serve on the new faculty search committee. Feedback was solicited from current students and included in the hiring process of two new faculty members for the 2017-2018 year.

General Exam Panel: The SAC PhD representative hosted an informational session and panel discussion concerning the process of the General Examination. Panelists included Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth DiGangi, Paul Flangan, and Jacob Carlin. Summary info from this session is available on the Graduate Student Resources page on this website.

Hurricane Relief: Students from SAC, OWL, and SCAN joined together to raise funds for those impacted by recent landfalling hurricanes in the United States: Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria. $2,000 was raised and donated in memory of Carlos Furtado to One America Appeal which has promised the full amount will be used in relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma in Florida and the US Virgin Islands, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Read more here.

International Students: The SAC international representative is continuing to work on documenting procedures and policies useful to international students. Information on this is available on the International Student resources page on this site.

Meet the SAC: This session is held to familiarize new students with the purpose and members of the SAC committee. In addition to the in-person session, SAC organizes a mentoring program for first-year graduate students.

Professional Development: At the request of the graduate student body, SAC is hosting a series of Professional Development workshops and seminars. Topics include: job applications, proposal writing, public speaking, teaching, and useful research tools.

Representation on the GSC: SAC representatives attended Graduate Studies Committee meetings to clarify student representative to committee rules.  Several changes were recommended for the Fall 2018 Grad Student handbook (available on the Graduate Student Resources page on this website) including new “best practices” for the direct-track PhD.

Research Fair: With the help of the College of A&GS, SAC hosts a college-wide research fair displaying current work of SoM and DGES graduate students and faculty and NWC partners. The research fair is intended to display research for first year graduate students and undergraduate students from freshman to senior years, provide ideas of the wide variety of research conducted in College and its partners, and discuss various opportunities to which students may have access (i.e. internships, jobs, grad school opportunities, Capstone projects).

SoM Director Search: SAC graduate and undergraduate representatives are serving on the ongoing SoM Director search committee allowing student voices to be heard in that process.

Student concerns: The SAC has heard and communicated several student/department concerns including undergraduate facility usage, graduate and undergraduate courses, length of graduate study, and other issues. These discussions have lead to several departmental changes to better suit student needs. Townhall meetings are held each year for undergraduates and each semester for graduates so students have a place to discuss their concerns or voice comments about departmental issues.